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Welcome to The Hitters Laboratory

The Hitters Laboratory is the most technologically advanced hitting facility in Simi Valley. All of our instruction is one on one. Science has discovered a trend that athletes tend to be visual learners. Therefore we utilize a video playback system that helps the athlete to visually see mistakes that he is not feeling. At the end of each hitting lesson, our coaching staff sits down with the player and parent and reviews the video taken. Our staff will explain what the student needs to work on and may suggest some drills for homework. Every student of the hitting laboratory is expected to practice at home.

Located at the Simi Valley Batting Cages

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What to expect as a hitter

Increase Bat Speed

At The Hitter Lab we focus on a number of hitting mechanics including bat speed. Bat speed is one of the most important assets needed to be a consistent at the plate. Click here to read more about how we can improve your bat speed with just a few simple drills.
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Hitting To All Fields

In order to be a consistent threat at the plate, going gap-to-gap is a must. At the hitters lab we focus on staying inside the baseball and keeping the barrel in the zone for as long as possible. This results in being able to drive the ball to both gaps with authority.
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Slo-Mo Swing Analysis

At the hitters lab we take pride in developing proper and repeatable hitting mechanics. A big part of this comes during our slo-mo video breakdowns of each players swing. We dive into every aspect from the head, hands, hips, legs, and feet. We breakdown each body parts function so the player can effectively apply the correct mechanic.
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The Hitters Lab Testimonials

Kobe Monahan
SVBL - Senior League

Kobe Grows A Passion For The Game

Since starting with The Hitters Lab I have seen a tremendous improvement in Kobe's approach towards the game.  He is much more focused on the fundamentals such as stance, balance, and proper path to the ball.  Kobe was unsure when he started and has clearly grown a passion for the game after working with the coaches.  He now gets excited to better himself and grow as a ballplayer. I would recommend the coaches at Strike One Academy and The Hitters Lab to anyone looking for their kid to play at the next level.

  Player: Kobe Monahan
Parent: Jim Monahan

Braeden Hritz

Braeden Hits A Homer

Braeden's hitting has greatly improved since beginning his lessons with Coach Kenny.  His confidence at the plate has increased, and he even hit his first HomeRun this past weekend!! His swing and stance is getting better every week we work at The Hitters Lab.

Player: Braeden Hritz
Parent: Janelle Hritz

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What to expect

*Learn to hit to all areas of the field
*Pitch Recognition and Selection
*increase bat speed
*Video/Slo-Mo Breakdowns
*Develop repeatable hitting mechanics
*Improve hand eye coordination.
*Increase power.
*Live Hitting

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